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Dielectric Security Services have been providing security solutions for homes and businesses since 1978. Our range of products and services has grown a lot since the 70s as we keep up with technological advancements. You can rest assured that we are always at the forefront of security and security technology.

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Intruder alarms are our core product, whether you require Industrial, Commercial or Residential installations we customise each system to suit your needs and requirements. We don’t recommend online or over the phone quotations, if you are as serious about security as we are, contact us to arrange a consultant to view your premises and provide a custom quotation.

We offer a wide range of proven detection devices in our installations to ensure you have the best available technology.

Detection devices include:

  • Internal Motion Detectors
  • Door / Window Switches
  • Glass Breakage Detectors
  • Smoke Detection
  • Vibration Detection
  • Outdoor Motion Detection
  • Outdoor Long Range Beams
  • Panic / Duress switches

Access Control can greatly improve the security of your workplace by limiting access to area’s of your building. We can’t ensure your employee’s will turn up on time, but we can control when and where they are allowed to move throughout your building.

Access Control no longer has to be an expensive measure, we offer low cost access control products to control single doors.

Features of Access Control:

  • Electronic locking and unlocking of external and internal doors.
  • Time zones preventing access.
  • Limiting access to area’s of the building to certain staff.
  • No more keys! using a card or tag couldn’t be easier, and if you lose your tag/card, it can be removed from the system at the press of a button.

Setting up Time zones allows certain staff access to areas only during pre-determined periods. This can ensure that you have full control of access to your workplace even when you are not there.

Multi-Site Management:

Dielectric Security specialises in multi-site or multi-building access control management. Utilising software for management in-house or externally will reduce administration costs and ensure the security of your employees.

Dielectric Security designs, installs and services Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems of all sizes and applications. Our systems range in size from one camera viewing an area of interest to hundreds of cameras securing a corporate environment.

We offer the latest in High Definition IP video surveillance to secure single site or multi-site applications. Our product line includes a unified security platform for both access control, intrusion and high definition video cameras along with robust recording capabilities.

Most systems we use utilize smart phone APPS for remote view to ensure you are getting the best use our of your system.

Our CCTV systems are often integrated with access control, intrusion detection and intercoms for a complete facility security solution. Whether your site is Industrial, Commercial or residential, we have a solution to suit your requirements and budget.

We specialize in such systems as Dahua, Hikvision, Honneywell, Genetec, Bosch, NUUO to name just a few.

Intercoms are a fantastic security tool, think about it? who is on the other side of the door or gate and what do they want?

Intercoms allow you to make audio and visual contact with a person before deciding you are going to let them into your home or business.

There has been a large improvement in the flexibility of Intercom systems over the past 12 months with the introduction of networked based systems. Intercoms can now “call” mobile phones and tablet devices via apps, giving visitors the impression you are in the home when in fact you could be anywhere in the world responding to them via the dedicated smart phone app.

We specialise in intercoms and can recommend the ideal model for your situation.

Various models we install and service include:

  • Aiphone
  • Kocom
  • Deltacom
  • Samsung
  • Bticino
  • Bosch
  • Dahua
  • Hikvision

Monitoring is an integral part of any alarm system and we can provide you with the fastest and most efficient monitoring in Australia via our 24hr monitoring station – Combined Monitoring Centre.

Whatever the alarm – Intruder, smoke, plant, tamper or panic alarm our operators are on standby to action a response. Depending on your needs mobile guards or police can be dispatched to ensure that your personal requirements are met.

Not only does monitoring help in the event of an alarm but is also a valuable tool within the work place and home. Power fails, low battery’s and unauthorized access to buildings are also reported.

NBN Ready? – We are, speak to us today about the many solutions we have. We also offer a free APP to allow the arming & disarming of your security system remotely.

Duress alarms, often referred to as a panic alarm are used to protect employees and staff from assault or other hazards. Duress Alarms may also be used in a residential premise’s to not only alert of an imminent threat but also medical reasons, i.e. a fall.

This technology has many applications across safety, security and workplace health issues and has been adopted across both large scale commercial organizations along with a significant increase in residential uses.

Protecting your loved ones or employees has never been easier.

What could be more important than the lives of loved one’s or your workplace responsibility to employees? Ensuring early warning saves lives.

In a residential scenario, smoke detectors save lives. Compared to standard 240 volt detectors, smoke detectors fitted to the security system trigger the entire building sirens and where monitored alert 3rd parties for action.